Job vacancy Pro Player Mobile Legends salary 5 million Per month

The lively analog 5 vs 5 mobile version of mobile legends hasn't also faded until now, even though it has entered the 4th year since its release at the end of 2016.

Lately, mobile games legends are increasingly a lot of interest, ranging from teenagers to adults, and even older people who play this game.

Of course in addition to eliminating the Sbagi or Bete mobile Legends games can also make money for those who have the skills and expertise in playing this game, now we have seen a lot of people who have gained popularity and A lot of money from playing this game, whether it's through YouTube and following various tournaments ranging from the level of the area to the country level, of course the prizes that are in the fight is not playing, usually the pro player can pocket money ranging from millions Rupiah from the tournament in which it was involved.

For friends who have the skills that have a skill in this mobile game legends do not be in vain by spending time without earning money from skill or Skil friend friends,

If you have good skills, there are many of them as often as possible with top player, perhaps there is a nawarin to join their squad, what's more if in the big by the squad like Evos, Rrq and many more, of course this becomes a modah for Friends to succeed.

Well on this post I came to bring a fresh breeze for friends who have the skills but not yet in the lyrics by the big squad squad to be given it, this time I will share information about the recruitment that is done by a mobile squad Legends called Star V Squad, this Squad is headquartered in Tangerang and is holding an audition to find the player Pro player to be made Membermya, will be in the selection and left 5 core player and 2 backup players, this pro player vacancy is actually been open since November 25.

For the job position Pro Player Open is all the role, later the Player will be tested and at the level of rank and then in the value of playing the team. If good later will be in the meeting with other candidates, and the best will be chosen to join in this squad.

Facilities and salaries:

-All transportation accommodation in tournaments are followed all costs in the responsibility by the squad, so for the core of the squad chosen later just take the agency Aja Gak need Mikirin fare,

-Each member will get a salary of 5 million per month (excluding compensation or prizes in tournaments), so each member will get a basic salary of 5 million per month net, if winning a prize tournament will be in the For the member squad.

-Get a membership card Squad.

-For members of the core squad will be bound by contract, the length of contract is determined by the sponsor squad.

-Gain popularity because it joins the squad and follows a classy tournament and in the know many people are even known by the top top players of other squad.

For those who are interested to follow this qualification please submit an application in the form of name and Srcreen Capture global Rank position, Rank Hero and Rank MMR to the email below:

Hopefully friends can all develop skills that you have at a higher level.

Maybe that first info from the admin hopefully useful..

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