How to maintain heart health naturally

How to maintain heart health naturally and prove effective.
Heart is the main organ that holds blood circulation control in the body if the heart is experiencing problems of course the body will experience problems caused by heart attack usually heart disease often approaches human being ignore health Heart before you properly attacked this heart organ pad this time we will discuss about tips on maintaining heart health tips.

Heart Disease is one kind of a very dangerous disease that can be life threatening therefore maintaining the health of your heart organs is very important following there are some important steps that can be done to make the heart to Stay healthy

 1. Regular exercise regularly. 

 The first way to maintain heart health is to exercise diligently in addition to making the body become fit, exercise is also able to maintain heart health, a powerful exercise to maintain heart health is a mild style like a small run, the road Road, cycling, Fast road, and others are still many other examples of light sports, do this exercise every day if it has regular running its not only heart that will be healthy intimate organs such as the lungs will also be healthier.

 2. Quit smoking. 

 Cigarette does cause a lot of problems for health other than good sleep bgi lung health, smoking is also not good for heart health, if it is still smoked then the content of the leaf little by little will damage important organ organs in the body such as the heart and lungs although the effect is not directly but cigarettes have been proven to pose problems about health.

 3. Avoid fatty foods. 

 The third requirement to maintain heart health is to avoid foods that contain a lot of fat, which many oily fat content will cause blood vessels in use for the main access to the heart obstructed, Other than that, fat also becomes cholesterol levels are increasing both are very harmful to the health of the human body and heart

 4. Maintain ideal weight. 

 Excess weight will indeed cause many diseases caused by obesity is a heart disease fat stack caused throughout the body to make the heart can not work optimally, this will likely occur To realize heart disease that enters the danger stage.

 5. Consume enough white water. 

 To keep the heart root healthy you can also do by consuming mineral water with a lot more than usual if you usually drink water as much as 8 glasses then start to drink water at least 16 glasses every Daily, do so every day so that you avoid the disease so that it is always healthy and fresh

 6. Consume young coconut water. 

 Young coconut water is a wrong antidote in the natural body that is very famous and many also used as a traditional medicine, in addition to containing high antioxidant young coconut water is also very good benefits for people with diseases Heart and prevent heart disease early on, for the dose is ideally drink not at least 2 times a day and in drinking purely without another mixture.

 7. Prayers and fasting. 

 Do not throw 2 things that is also an obligation for us a Muslim, besides this worship is as obligation there are other things that not many people know about the benefits of prayer and fasting in addition to obtaining the reward from ALLAH SWT, in a prayer movement There are many benefits to the health and fitness of our bodies, such as in the movement of pillars and Prostration,

In these 2 movements alone as meticulously in the healthcare world at the time of the prostration movement of blood flow is very smooth to the all important organs in the head area without any obstacles, of course this has a good impact on the performance of heart pumps And cause the heart to work according to their portions. No different from fasting, when we do automatic fasting all our digestive organs are very relaxed in operation, the heart is no exception, when we fast is not much calories, sugar or fat in the process and absorbed and in circulate Through the blood in the pump by the heart, therefore fasting is very positive for our cardiovascular health.

 8. Respiratory therapy. 

 Respiratory therapy is also widely used in yoga and meditation gymnastics, people who have good respiratory techniques are usually not easy to get upset and relaxed, different from people who are irritable and emotions that tend to have heart rate Faster,

For people who are irritable or emotional usually will be susceptible to heart attack and high blood because when a person upset his breath will be able to puff and cause heart rate to become unstable, well with respiratory therapy You can control your heart rate and avoid anything that is not desired, the popular way of respiratory therapy is done by many people is to take a relaxed sitting position and calm the mind in the next breath in the Then hold a few seconds and exhale, do it repeatedly for about 1 hour each day.

The next step to prevent heart disease by way of smiling, with smiling blood vessels in the body can open more wide, So are some tips healthy tips about the heart that you can try without having to consume Drugs always, remember always prevent better than to shuffle. Hopefully useful to readers, thank you for your visit.

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