Best health Insurance in Indonesia

Health insurance is a service product that guarantees, covers or monitoring the health of its members from periodic health maintenance to special medical handling or emergency.

 In the world of insurance there are several types or groups of insurance based on its own functions, among them there is life insurance, health insurance, asset insurance and there are also several types of insurance that look strange but very interested by many Prominent figures such as artists, football players and many more,

Strange insurance that may be among us ever heard such as the example of a soccer star that insure his feet, there are also beautiful artists who insure his body parts that are considered to be an attraction especially in the industry of Dunja Entertainment movies. That's a little story about some insurance that many of us encounter around us.

For the class itself is usually divided into several levels or levels based on the amount of nominal payment each month and the ministry, so we can choose what insurance is suitable for our respective finances, the more expensive the budget The insurance will be better also the service that we will be able.

 There are several types of reputable insurance companies in Indonesia which are also the best in the world:

1. Prudential Insurance

 Prudential insurance is already very familiar in our ears, Prudential insurance is an insurance company that has long standing and strongly in quality, in addition to having a lot of promo, Prudential Insurance also has a lot of cooperation With a large hospital in Indonesia.

This best insurance in addition to the health sector He also provides other insurance services such as vehicle insurance, travel insurance, and the exact health insurance, and has many futures programs for its members .

3. Manulife Insurance 

 For insurance This one does not only serve health insurance but also serve life insurance, the quality and the promo and the program is no less interesting compared to other insurance companies, Manulife Insurance can accept Payment by debit card or credit card.

4. Axa Mandiri Insurance 

 The Axa Mandiri Insurance is one of the best Indonesian health insurance companies, where Axa Mandiri Insurance has been in cooperation with all Indonesian DJs hospitals and the way the claim is very easy.

5. BRI Life Insurance 

 Health insurance is also a lot of discussion because of the many long-term programs especially in terms of its member health guarantees, and many also attractive promo with a very affordable cost per month.

Demikianlan Some health insurance that you should try and surely all health insurance companies above have been very trusted and proven quality of service.

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